Compared to other brands with more travel and tradition, the existence of Honda is relatively recent. It all began in 1946 when engineer Soichiro Honda founded the Honda Technical Research Institute. His first achievement was to propel a bicycle with a small auxiliary engine. In the beginning, he was dedicated to the manufacture of motorcycles. In order to see his dream come true, Soichiro Honda is said to have appealed to all of Japan’s bicycle shop owners to help revitalize Japan’s precarious post-war economy. It was the beginning of Honda Motor Company. Its growth was to be unstoppable ever since.

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First vehicle.

Honda’s first vehicle was the T360, which was launched in June 1963. Soon after, his first car, the Honda S500, arrived. By 1964, Honda was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Since then Honda has not stopped growing, becoming one of the benchmark firms in the industry in terms of innovation and ecology.

At the present.

With high fuel prices and a weak U.S. and global economy, in June 2008 Honda announced a 1% increase in sales, while the big U.S. manufacturers and Toyota were reaping monumental losses. Despite this, in March 2009 Honda cut production by 40% to reduce inventories and cope with the drop in sales. In addition, Honda has placed special emphasis on its ecological strategy that bets on sustainable mobility, oriented towards hybrid cars or powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The main exponents of this development policy are the Honda Insight and the Honda FCX Clarity.

At present, the models marketed by the brand are (without including its variants): Accord, Civic, CR-V, FR-V, Insight, Jazz, Legend and S2000.

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