Officially the history of “Lamborghini Automobili” begins in 1963, but deepens its roots in the history of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Born in 1916, under the sign of Tauro, Ferruccio was a skilful, impetuous, resolute and undoubtedly the true protagonist of the creation of the company.

When he decided to create a luxury sports car factory, Ferruccio was very wealthy: in the first post-war period he had already founded his tractor factory, which he had promoted with energy and determination, creating a real point of reference for the sector.

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    At the beginning of the sixties, Lamborghini was therefore a successful man, strong and with clear ideas; but when he said he would have made the best supersport car ever, many thought that he had gone mad and that this extravagance would not have brought any benefit


    He started to take care of the project at the end of 1962 and already in May 1963 he founded the company “Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini”, buying a large estate in Sant’Agata Bolognese, halfway between Bologna and Modena, where to build a large and very modern factory. The experience he had accumulated with his previous companies allowed him to build a unique and very modern facility: the large central nave, which was extremely bright, was attached to the office building, so that the managers could keep the production situation under constant control. This was particularly appreciated by Ferruccio, who had no problem working personally on the cars when he felt that something had not been done as he wanted.

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