Land Rover has always been a reference in the manufacture of four-wheel drive vehicles. The first emerged in 1948, in the midst of the British post-war period, following the idea of the Wilks brothers, directors of the Rover factory, who decided to produce the first all-terrain vehicle for the civilian public. To do so, they used the robust chassis of a Jeep Willys to which they added a petrol engine, a gearbox and a Rover rear axle. It was named Series I and became an immediate success. The car got it right with the qualities they needed in agriculture, the military, emergency and rescue services. In 1959, the 250,000 unit left the Solihull factory in England, consolidating its success.

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Family Increases 1989-2010

The evolution of Land Rover and Range Rover has continued to the present day. The name was changed from Series I to Defender, but they retained their original classic design. In 1989 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show the Discovery that has made a niche as the family 4×4, and in 1997 was presented the Freelander, a more compact vehicle, which has become the best-selling model of the brand to date.

Looking to the future.

Recently, the English brand has launched the Evoque, with a younger and more modern design, which has been a revolution. In addition, they also presented the fourth-generation Range Rover, the second generation of its sport variant the Range Rover Sport and announced the cessation of production of its classic Defender to replace it with a completely new one.

It is currently the only company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of SUV and off-road vehicles, perhaps by this dedication comes its success and worldwide recognition as one of the best options when choosing a 4×4 vehicle.

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