Nissan Motor Company, Limited” is a Japanese automaker. Between 1932 and 1983, it marketed its cars mainly under the “Datsun” brand. Its headquarters are located in the Ginza area in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Nissan plans to move its headquarters to Yokohama, Kanagawa in 2010.

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    The Japanese automobile podium.

    Nissan used to be Japan’s second-largest car manufacturer after Toyota, but moved into third place behind Honda because of major financial problems throughout the 1990s (to the point that if it had been an American company, its financial situation would have forced it to disappear), the French company Renault took over a major stock package and appointed Carlos Ghosn as President, becoming the first non-Japanese person to control a Japanese car company. (Later, Mazda was controlled by an American, Mark Fields – and the British Lewis Booth – and Mitsubishi was controlled by a German, Rolf Eckrodt).

    The “Nissan Revival Plan” (NRP) was launched under Ghosn’s leadership, and with it, Nissan managed to emerge from the crisis. Many great economists claim it was one of the most spectacular corporate recoveries in history, catapulting Nissan into profits with a drastic revitalization of both Nissan and Infiniti (its luxury car brand).

    In 2001, Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Nissan, capitalizing on the success of its NRP plan, launched the “Nissan 180” campaign, with the goal of selling one million more cars and trucks worldwide in 2005 than Nissan had sold in 2001, having an annual operating profit of 8% and zero debt. In just over two years, the “180” campaign was more than outperformed. Nissan actually made a 180-degree turnaround in terms of sales, an achievement that gave the company a new balance for new successes, at least partially hand in hand with futuristic and aggressive design concepts in all its vehicles, from the luxurious Infiniti to the functional Sentra.

    Since then, Carlos Ghosn has been idolized in Japan as a national hero and as a symbol of the strength of the currently unhealthy Japanese economy. Ghosn and the history of Nissan’s renaissance appear in Japanese manga and popular culture. His achievements in the Japanese company’s resurgence were recognized by Emperor Akihito, who awarded him the Japan Blue Ribbon Medal in 2004.

    Nissan is also recognized as one of the world’s leading automobile engine manufacturers, with its VG and VQ V6 engine appearing among the world’s top 10 engines for 11 consecutive years.

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