Tesla, the most incredible company on this moment! The core of the company is in the engineering of the electric vehicle’s propulsion system which includes: battery pack, engine, power electronics and control software that allows all components to form one system. The modular design allows components to be reused in different Tesla models and from other manufacturers. The system is very compact and contains far fewer moving parts than a combustion engine. Tesla Motors uses three-phase induction motors incorporating a copper rotor and optimized copper windings to reduce drag and energy loss. Tesla developed fundamental patents for its manufacture. Power electronics govern the current flow in and out of the battery pack. It controls torque generation while driving and recharging the battery pack when connected to a plug.
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    The Master Plan of Tesla

    Tesla was founded to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. To combat global warming and transport pollution deaths. Tesla in its early days drafted its “master plan” to influence the industry from its small size and limited resources. He had three main points:

    1. Start with a small project manufacturing few units at a high price. It was the Tesla Roadster. It demonstrated that a high-performance electric car could be built that dispelled the myth that electric vehicles were slow, heavy, ugly and with little autonomy. Tesla manufactured up to 500 units a year. It had a big effect on the industry and Bob Lutz, former president of General Motors said the Tesla Roadster was responsible for initiating the Chevy Volt program, which in turn influenced the Nissan Leaf program.
    2. Manufacture a vehicle with a higher volume of units and at a lower price. The Tesla Model S proved that it could compete with the big luxury sedans. Tesla built the Tesla Model X on the same platform.
    3. Vehicle produced in large volume and at an affordable price. The benefits that Tesla obtained with the previous models allowed it to approach the Model 3 project.

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