The original emblem is believed to have been designed in 1939 by Porsche employee Franz Xavier Reimspiess during an office competition. He was paid 100 Reichsmarks, about $400 at the time.

The logo has not changed much since its inception. The feature “V” and “W” were present since 1939, although it has been gradually updated over the years to acquire the current form.

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    History of the brand

    In 1934 the German government receives a design proposal from Ferdinand Porsche to develop a car designed for the people. It would end up being called “Volkswagen”, which in German means “village car”. A year later, the first prototype was built under the strictest secrecy. One of the most famous symbols of German manufacturing quality is born. In 1938 the VW 38, ironically baptized by the New York Times as “Beetle” (Beetle) by the original and attractive shape of the model with curves reminiscent of the shape of a beetle, is presented to the public.

    A new factory, at a time when its main client was the German government.

    In 1945 the Volkswagen factory was renamed Wolfsburg. Two years later, the first exports began. In 1948 the headquarters of Volkswagenwerk GmbH in Berlin were moved to Wolfsburg. The Volkswagen Financing company is also founded this year.
    More than a decade later, in 1964, Volkswagen Mexico S.A. de C.V. was founded in Puebla to manufacture vehicles according to German standards. The following year, it already had a 21.8% market share with 22,220 vehicles sold. In 1965 Volkswagenwerk AG acquires the Daimler-Benz subsidiary Auto Union GmbH. Volkswagen experiences its first sales crisis in 1967. Production falls by 300,000 units and sales are reduced by 200,000. Volkswagen reacts by reducing the price of its range.

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