Dodge is an American automobile brand, originally called Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company (1914-1927).

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The first vehicle built by the Horace and John Dodge brothers was a bicycle. In 1901, they founded their first factory in Detroit and, two years later in 1903, they were already supplying parts to Ford, but this time as engine manufacturers.

Dodge, a family brand.

After its alliance with Henry Ford, who acquired 25% of the shares, the Dodges were inclined towards the construction of a luxury model and high price, while Ford was looking for exactly the opposite, ie a very simple and popular car, and especially cheap. The differences ended up being so serious that Ford chose to buy 58 % of the shares of the Dodge brothers.

Parallel to their unfortunate alliance with Henry Ford in the Ford Motor Company, the Dodges are on their way. The first car built by the Dodge brothers arrived in 1914 and its name was “Old Betsy” immediately after its launch became a success; the popularity of vehicles of this brand continued to grow and by mid 1925, one million of these cars were already circulating on the roads. In 1917, when the USA went to war, Dodge accompanied the production of Private cars with trucks, ambulances, military cars and artillery parts.

In 1920 the Dodge brothers die, and the Dodge Brothers’ business passes into the hands of a banker. Being the company, acquired in 1928 by Chrysler. Within the Chrysler group, the Dodge brand name is retained. Dodge then began to manufacture models based on Chrysler, adapting them in both the mechanical and aesthetic, and produced cars with great sales success such as the chubby Coronet of the forties or the Dart, two decades later.

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