General Motors Company is an American company that manufactures automobiles, trucks and engines, founded in 1908 under the name of General Motors Corporation and restructured in 2009 under its current name.

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    General Motors emerged in 1908 thanks to the initiative, financial sense and courage of William C. Durant. The first negotiations to form the General Motors Company took place in May of that year, when Benjamin Briscoe, of Maxwell-Briscoe Motor ComPany, informed Durant that Georges Perkins, one of Maxwell-Briscoe’s main shareholders, was trying to promote the merger of the largest North American automobile factories in order to avoid their bankruptcy due to competition between them.


    The expansionist movement of General Motors was already irrepressible. On January 20, 1909, the acquisition of the Oakland Motor Company of Lensing was authorized, and by the end of that year the companies that formed part of General Motors numbered 22, including the last arrival, the Cadillac.

    With Chevrolet to the end.

    One of the first concerns of President Du Pont and Vice President Sloan was to assure everyone, inside and outside the company, and especially those who had trusted and still trusted Durant, that General Motors would continue to develop and expand. Among the most important decisions was that of rejecting the proposal made by a group of advisors to divest themselves of the Chevrolet which, in their view, would never succeed in displacing Ford. This goal, on the contrary, was achieved in 1927, when the Chevrolet division, for the first time in history, produced more units than the Ford. The key to its success was the acquisition, in 1923, of William S. Knudsen, until then Ford’s production director.

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