A few years ago, the news of the disappearance of this traditional and emblematic North American brand, one of the divisions that make up the giant General Motors Corporation, became known. Its cessation of activities as part of the reorganization that is being subjected to the recognized and centennial automotive corporation.

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    The history of Pontiac can be traced back to 1893 when Edward M. Murphy founded the Pontiac Buggy Company, a horse-drawn carriage manufacturer named for its headquarters in Pontiac Buggy Company, which in turn remembered a great Indian chief inhabitant of this region of the state of Michigan in the 18th century.

    With the beginning of the 20th century Murphy, like many other manufacturers of bicycles, sewing and weaving machines and carriages, decided to enter the world of the automobile, an invention that was making a furore in the whole world and to which he envisioned more future. In August 1907, after acquiring some patents and starting in the world of automobiles, the Oakland Motor Car Company was officially founded.
    William Durant, founder of General Motors in September 1908, found Murphy’s company interesting and bought half of his company’s shares in January 1909. In the summer of the same year, Murphy died in an accident and his heirs sold the rest of the company to General Motors, which already owned Buick and Cadillac, and to which Oldsmobile would soon be added in 1916, adding Chevrolet, a brand created by William Durant and the brothers Gaston and Luis Chevrolet.
    Oakland within the market strategy of General Motors was located in the fourth price step, behind Cadillac, Buick and Oldsmobile and a step above the economic Chevrolet.


    To begin the 21st century, the references known for several decades have been preserved, although with logical differences in design and increasingly smaller displacement engines, but good power and low fuel consumption, thanks to the use that has been made for many years of electronic fuel injection systems. There are also models such as the family van Montana, the family Vibe and Torrent, the controversial SUV Aztek, the sports Solstice and G6 coupé and the compact Wave 4 that is none other than the Aveo we know in Colombia and that complements the option of cars with the G5 Pursuit and G6 GT.

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