The beginnings of Volkswagen are not very defined. Back in the 1930s Germany was under the control of the Nazi party and its ruthless boss, Adolf Hitler. He had a dream, which was to unite all the German provinces under an extensive road network, which we know today as Autobahn. However, most of the town did not have access to cars, because they were too expensive. So he commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to design a car that would mobilize the country, and so Volkswagen was born, which literally means “the village car”.

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    From the Second World War…

    The Second World War brought Volkswagen’s development to a halt. All German industry worked hard to feed the war machinery. At the end of the war in 1945 the activity of the brand resumed its course, although on this occasion it was the English who supervised the work. It is from then on when the brand and its only product, the Beetle, really exploded.

    Over the years Volkswagen grew in importance and presence, largely due to the emergence of models as memorable as the T1 van, icon of the hippie movement of the sixties and seventies. To these would happen other mythical cars that have opened market segments and that even today are considered a reference in the world, the most famous case is the Volkswagen Golf.

    Today Volkswagen is the parent company of the world’s largest automotive conglomerate, and the second largest car manufacturer in the world. Its range is made up of a multitude of models, from the small Up! to market commands such as the Volkswagen Passat. However, this is only the present, as the brand will continue to grow and expand around the world.

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