In New York State, Orange County, there is a company called OCC (Orange County Choppers). This is a family of motorcycle trainers who have gained international fame thanks to the television program American Chopper.

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This program, broadcasted by Discovery Channel, is a reality show and began broadcasting in September 2002. American Chopper shows the daily activity of a chopper motorcycle design and construction workshop.

The workshop is none other than that of OCC, founded and directed by Paul Teutul who, along with his two sons, Paul and Mikey, and other employees, have become the stars of the series. These chopper enthusiasts are not only known in the United States, but their fame has also reached Latin America through the People+Arts channel, and Europe through the Discovery channels.

OCC was founded by Paul Teutul Senior and Paul Teutul Junior in 1999, and is headquartered in the city of Montgomery. The Teutuls had a steel company and initially OCC emerged as a section within this company that was to be dedicated to the manufacture of motorcycles, a lifelong hobby of Paul Sr. So amateur that he has even tattooed on his arm the initials of the company. Eventually, Paul decided to sell the steel business (founded in 1970) and devote himself fully to the manufacture of choppers.

OCC’s first creation was True Blue. The creations of this unique workshop are mostly commissions from large organizations, public and private, to promote their activities or, in the case of charities, to obtain economic resources through auctions.