When we see a movie and there’s a car that centers much of the story, everyone wants to have that miniature car. If it is also a movie, then the lovers of it are shot to incredibly large numbers of people. Of course, here Hot Wheels was very intelligent, saw the pull that had the cars of movies and series and thought, why not do the same with video games?

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The rationing was as follows, if these cars arouse more feelings than a normal one that doesn’t have something as characteristic as the A-Team Van or the K.I.T.T., what would happen if representative video game cars were molded?
Of course, a video game has a longer useful life than a movie, and on many occasions than a television series, then, the feeling should be much bigger, because thanks to these cars, people have been able to overcome the challenges that the video game offered them.
Well, for this reason we are going to find models like the UNSC Scorpion or the Banished Wraith of HALO, among many other models that are present in this game. You will also find the Forza Motorsport Series with models like the Ford Focus RS 2009, the Lamborghini Hurricane LP 610-4 or the magnificent BMW M4, all these cars are essential to complete the game.
However, dear collector friend, at Friki Monkey we are excited about the Gran Turismo The Real Driving Simulator series. It is wider than Forza Motorsport because it has more sets, the first was launched in 2016 and contained cars such as the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32), the Ford GT LM, the Pagani Huayra or the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.
The second set was launched in 2018 and like the previous one, was composed of real machines burning asphalt, such as, for example, the Skyline GT-R (R34), the Renault Sport R.S 01, the Renault Megane Trophy, the Ford GT or the all-powerful McLaren F1 GTR.

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