Prepare for attack! This collection belongs to the mainline segment and was created in 1992 and it’s very especial.
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    Only cars?

    This line consists of cars, trucks, airplanes, spaceships and other vehicles that when you push certain parts of the vehicles open their mouths and become animals, monsters or creatures with big teeth, tongues, eyes and things. This turned them into very interesting models so much so that they were even available as toys in the famous McDonalds burger shop inside the Happy Meal, as an option. It was a theoretically short-lived series as it only lasted two years, although it was later rescued in 2000 with a variation on its name called Attack Pack Series which was represented in the mainline of the year. Then this collection did last until 2014, but only with packs of 5 cars, without getting more mainlines collections.
    Several of the vehicles of the Attack Pack are easy to identify, as they are marked with the name “Attack Pack” and some also have a round symbol (except the original series of cars and repainted the same) with a hand making a blow or a scary face with fangs, representing the team Heroic Cat Pack or the team Evil Rat Pack. They are also marked with “Mattel 1992”, “1993” or “1994” (the years do not necessarily represent the year it was released).
    Some of the Attack Packs were released as replacements of the same vehicle casting. As an anecdote the “dinosaurs” were painted differently in Europe and the United States but there are also other variants and more accidental color variations, such as the “Tankasaurus Rex”.

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