The Buggin’ Out Series was released in 1999 and was never released again. They are really pieces focused on the collector, because of their antiquity and exclusivity.
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    What this series refers to is the different vehicles that are characteristic to move through very soft sandy terrain with dunes.
    Buggin’ Out Series is composed of 4 models without color variations.

    What cars make up this series?

    The first model is the Treadator, a tracked vehicle composed of a chain on both sides. This model was retired in 2005, but in 2009 a very similar model called Tread Air was launched with only one caterpillar chain.
    In second place, there is the Shadow Jet II, in principle it seems that it is a vehicle propelled by air facilitating the displacement by the air, but in the computer game Hot Wheels Mechanix of the year 2000 they could be put to him.
    Third, there’s the Radar Ranger, a six-wheeled vehicle that looks very much like military tanks. It contains a parabolic antenna, most likely to pick up Earth’s signals from Mars.
    And finally, the model by which this series makes sense. Here’s the Baja Bug, a model based on the Volkswagen beetle that debuted in the Real Riders series in 1984. It has the name Baja Bug, due to the fact that, in Baja California, in the northwest of Mexico, the “Mexican 1000” is celebrated. The Baja Bug were developed to face the Meyers Manx beach buggies.

    But, if you didn’t like the models featured in the Buggin’ Out series, you can look further in the following series, the Baja Blazer, the Dash 4 Cash and the X-Raycers.

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