Do you like muscle cars? If your answer is yes, this is your section. On this page you will find the most exclusive and popular Chevrolet Camaro of all time. In 2017 Hot Wheels launched a mainline line under the name of Camaro Fifty composed of 5 different models that formed a total of 12 vehicles, due to color variations. The idea that accompanied this series was to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of this fantastic model. Show More

    The first Camaro was introduced in 1967 and was launched with the aim of confronting the Ford Mustang, which was the flagship of muscle car. From this moment on, the Camaro line has always been ascending, a success that continues to give a lot of gas on our roads today.
    In this series you can get from the Camaro of ’67, the father of all Camaro, through the Camaro of ’81, the last car of the second generation of Camaro, to the Camaro ZL1 of 2017.

    Our own ranking

    As you all know, now comes the moment we like the most in Friki Monkey; our ranking.
    First, we want to place as the car that has more reasons to be a collectable to the Camaro of 67, for being the first car that launched Chevrolet under the Camaro brand. These 50 years of Chevy Camaro would not have been possible if this Camaro had not come to light.

    Secondly, we placed the Camaro SS 2016, because we love the lines so marked it has, it looks like a wolf with the skin of lamb. However, the one that can’t camouflage all its power is the 2017 Camaro ZL1, and we put it in third place in this ranking of Friki Monkey. In fourth place we placed the Camaro of 81 and finally the Camaro Special Edition of 2013. You may not coincide with us in the ranking we have set, so we encourage you to comment below your ranking.

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