Hot Wheels by Collector Number series is a spectacular collection that is sorted -as it’s name suggests- by collector number. This combination of vehicles is extremely broad, you may find 700 different models. Isn’t that just amazing?
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    These 700 distinctive cars were created from 1989 until 1999 based on Larry Wood’s designs. On top of this large amount of models, there are variations of these too. Due to the age of these cars, this collection has a massive value now a days making some of them VERY rare.

    The first vehicle this collection released was the Old Number 5, a red firetruck with yellow and black pinstripes on the hood. This model itself has 5 varieties, but the basic one is the most vintage looking. Another interesting model is the Good Humour Truck. This vehicle started off as an ice cream truck that sold Good Humour ice cream, but throughout the years, the toy company Mattel, decided to create different variations that included food trucks like a Mexican food truck, a Japanese food truck and even a Jamaican food truck. Apart from these variations, there were many more, making a total of 41. Although, only the main vehicle is the one included in this collection.

    More vehicles from the collection

    In 1995 the Classic Cobra was released, also known as Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. This amazing car is powered by a Ford V8 engine and is made out of an ultra lightweight aluminium. The idea of this vehicle was to be the star of American racing. Another great car in this collection is the Custom Corvette, although it has nothing to do with model from 1968, this is based on the C4 Corvette ZR-1 Convertible.

    Overall this collection has an incredible value, due to the exclusivity, the variety of models and obviously the years of release.

    If you are interested in this series or others like the Hot Wheels Camaro Fifty or the Buggin Out series check out Friki Monkey!

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