The Dino Riders category represents your favorite dinosaurs by car.
Produced from 2013 to now, they are still appreciated by young and old alike. This imaginary category created from scratch to pay tribute to the greatest dinosaurs contains cars called: Motosaurus Dino Riders, Tricera-Truck and others.
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    They can contain simple colours or they can perfectly represent a dinosaur that you love like some of the ones that refer to them by having a name that strongly resembles that of a real donausore: “T-Rextroyer” or “Tricera-Truck.”
    The biggest car brands like Humvee participate in this collaboration with the dinosaurs to create one of their cars with simply colours reminiscent of the dinosaurs.

    The Dino cars of 2013…

    The main models are those representing and having characteristics of the dinosaurs, indeed this one pleases more but these cars remain in the world the imagination unfortunately you will never be able to see one day some on a road.
    But nothing prevents his imagination from giving way to his imagination and, above all, don’t hesitate to fall for one of these legendary cars that will remind you of many films you know about dinosaurs.

    Other incredibles mainline collections are Collector, Camaro-fifty and Buggin Out.

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