If we’re talking about dragons, we’re thinking of the easternmost part of the world. And this could be a good summary of what this series contains, models of oriental brands with exotic vinyls. However, and following the trajectory of Hot Wheels, we see how they also wanted to introduce the dragon in models of U.S. brands.

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    From Japan to the United States.

    Yes, our subconscious takes us directly to Japan when we think of the dragon tradition. But Hot Wheels wants our subconscious to lie and when we think of dragons, we also think of American brands, that’s why they have included dragon designs in models like the 1967 Pontiac GTO or the 1964 Lincoln Continental. No matter how many Asian symbols or dragons they carry, the soul of these two vehicles is that of a buffalo, not a dragon.
    However, for models such as the Toyota Celica or the Lexus SC400, a dragon is the vinyl that fits best, due to the personality that both models give off.
    The Celica, moreover, has been one of the most personalized cars. At the beginning of the 2000’s, tuning was the urban fashion par excellence, it was difficult to go out and not see at least one tunner car a day. The Celica was the model of models. Regarding the SC400 also customizations are seen, although to a lesser extent, as the cost was much higher than the Celica. By the way, do you know what the acronym LEXUS means? Luxury Export United States. In other words, Lexus is a Toyota subsidiary of high-end vehicles created to compete with BMW, Mercedes or Audi in the United States and later in Europe.

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