The King drift collection is a collection created by designer Mark Jones. The Drift King is an original model of Hot Wheels that makes its debut in the New Models 2007.
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    Produced from 2007 to 2017, for 10 years the Drit Kings collection has never ceased to amaze you with its dozens of cars, one prettier than the others, and it is also in the Apptivity line.This collection offers more or less the same car models but each with a detail that makes them unique. With their imposing looks you will undoubtedly want one in your collection.

    The sporty cars of 1980…

    These sporty cars were first manufactured for a motor sport discipline that began in the 1980s, which consisted in driving the vehicle to slide from one side of the track to the other for competition purposes.
    Each Drift Kings car contains unique elements that make it a classic car.
    One of the models in this collection is one of the flagship models, the “new models” released in 2007. The first models released were colored with fairly simple colors over the years and their success, the designer designs cars with brighter and more attractive colors which brings them even more character.
    Indeed, its innovative golden metallic colour makes this Drift Kings one of the most important in the collection. However, the other cars in the collection are equally impressive and important.

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