This new category within the Hot Wheels mainline collection debuted in 2018, making it one of the most recent collection of castings. In this series as usual for the mainline diecasts, all castings come in a scale of 1/64. And you probably wouldn’t have guessed it’s all about Fast food vehicles!

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    There is a total of seven variations so this series isn’t very broad, but each model is so unique and creative that it is definitely worth adding to your collection. Also, who doesn’t love food? So what better combination than food and your car passion?


    Fast Foodies features a variety of fun models such as the Street Wiener (a Hot Dog on wheels), the Quick Bite (a 24-hour sushi food truck at your disposal), the Buns of Steel (a Truck with a hamburger menu with chips), the Roller Toaster (your breakfast toast’s always freshly ready to eat) or the Aisle Driver (which you wish you could really do all your weekly grocery shopping) among other models. This collection is also characterised by being one of the most distinguished in terms of colour design, such as as the silver Roller Toaster or the Quick Bite in poison green. One of the favourites around here is the Roller Toaster (which is why we can’t stop mentioning it), this design just proves that Mattel’s designer Ryu Asado is a visionary. He literally designed this vehicle with toast popping up from the top! The rest of the model wasn’t forgotten about either, it has a cool white and black stripe paintwork across the sides with a touch of purple incorporated.

    Fast food has never been so fast, so remember that this collection is also made for the slopes, you will recognise it by its “best for tracks” logo that carry almost all models. Visit Friki Monkey periodically to get all the models one by one or all at once.

    You will also find other amazing collections like Drift Kings, Dragon Wagons and Dino Riders!

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