Mattel has created a large collecting industry where the world of cars has gained a niche through Matchbox and especially Hot Wheels.

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    The latter has a great variety of mainline castings such as Faster Than Ever (FTE) that was born in 2005. Several series under that umbrella were released afterwards in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 and their last series appeared in 2012. Faster Than Ever is characterized by its copper coloured wheels and the nickel plated axles. This design reduces friction in oder to increase its speed on track. Awesome!

    The best cars of this serie are…

    Faster Than Ever encompasses a large number of Hot Wheel models, from the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept in 2005 to the Cadillac CTS-V in 2012 forming a great set of diecast models. One of the most outstanding and popular cars is the ’81 Delorean DMC-12. Its design and the copper wheels make the casting very popular among collectors.

    Don’t miss out on this mainline series. We never know how much we have to wait till its comeback.
    If in spite of everything, you have not found the model that you like, you can also visit these series; Hot Wheels Factory Fresh, Hot Wheels Checkmate and Hot Wheels Experimotors.

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