This is one of the cars that belongs to one of the most sought-after brands in the world of motoring, the Ferrari, in this case, the Ferrari Racer 2007. Ferrari is one of the most important luxury brands in the automotive sector, its designs, its power and its laureate sports history have turned it into a brand with which everyone dreams of being able to drive at least once in a lifetime.Show More

      Mattel, of course, also showed interest in the manufacture of this brand for their miniature cars known around the world, the mythical Hot Wheels. The company that a few years ago made the anniversary of the 60 years making these miniature Ferrari, making different cars and models, launching in some of these models limited manufacturing units, which made them into real collector’s cars. It was found that in 2014, lost the license to manufacture the mythical Prancing Horse cars.

      Farewell to an Icon

      Ferrari, reaching an agreement with companies specializing in vehicles to scale Maisto and Burago, was obliged to give its manufacturing license exclusively to these, leaving Mattel with the loss of one of the cars that has given more success and value to the brand. The last car manufactured in Ferrari Hot Wheels was the 599 XX, which had its moment of launch and farewell in January 2015, thus ending a business relationship of several years.

      Despite the obvious loss, the commercial rupture between the two entities leaves a window to optimism, after the Ferrari and Mattel manufactured become authentic collector’s pieces and that their pieces begin to shoot due to the price of these relics in miniature. It is also important to note that due to this departure of Ferrari from the Hot Wheels family, other brands can take advantage of the vacuum such as Mercedes-Benz, which will return in style with the inclusion of the sports AMG-GT, good news.

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