This is a very exclusive collection, there are only four models with no variations, so as you can imagine, this makes them more rare. These four models are: School Bus, Ambulance, Firebird Funny Car, Camaro Z-28.
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    School bus has an amazing design, the main colour is green, but the paintwork is unreal, there is an incredible bone complex surrounding most of the vehicle in grey and black tones. And on top of this, the bus has yellow tinted windows, this gives this model a really monster-like look but in a very thoughtful way. Ambulance is mostly known for its colour: metal flake purple; it gives the truck a really modern and young twist, specially as it also has blue tinted windows that pair perfectly with the purple. The paintwork is kind of difficult to describe, its some sort of bone-fossil but it isn’t completely defined so it is much more ambiguos than the school bus. On the other han we have the Firebird Funny Car, this one is a favourite, it is based on the first Firebird Funny Car which was released in 1982 and also known as Splitter, this one was originally red, but the one in this collection is silver with orange tinted windows (I know right!), the fossil design on this car is in white and orange, giving it an extremely unique look, there is also black on the car’s hood which adds an extra toughness to the look.

    If you are looking for a unique collection, than this is the one!

    Check it out at Friki Monkey, where you will also bump into others like Ferrari Heat, Fast Foodie and Drift Kings.

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