This series is a bit special with respect to the rest of the series as it was launched in 2003 to pay tribute to the 35 years of Hot Wheels.

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With this objective they launched a video game and a film called Highway 35 World Race. Both the game and the video game consisted of 5 teams, each with 7 pilots. This is also reflected in the physical series of the cars, so we move on to describe the teams.

The different teams on the collection…

The first team is called Wave Rippers and they have the ability to run on and under water. It consists of the vehicles Deora II, Switchback, Backdraft, ’55 Nomad, Power Pipes, the Chrysler Thunderbolt or the Corvette Stingray.

Another team is known as Street Breed, and is made up of runners who were born to be fast and furious, are very astute and serious about winning. The vehicles they use are the following: Sling Shot, Side Draft, Pontiac Rageous, 24/Seven, Road Rocket, Aeroflash or Pontiac Firebird.

The third team is known as Roadbeasts, and they drive cars like Ballistik, Zotic, Twin Mill, Moto-Crossed, Vulture, Power Rocket or Power Pistons.
The fourth team was baptized as the Dune Ratz and is composed of the Krazy 8s, the Wild Thing, the Toyota RSC, the ’97 Ford F-150, the Sweet 16 II, the ’69 El Camino and the Mega-Duty.

And finally, the fifth team is called Scorchers and consists of cars such as the ’70 Plymouth Road Runner, the ¼ Mile Coupe, the Red Baron, the ’57 Thunderbird, the Dodge Charger R/T, the ’63 Corvette or the Muscle Tone.

Other incredibles mainline collections are Drift Kings, Dash 4 Cash Series and Experimotors.

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Next, we leave you the film in cartoon format so that you can enjoy it as we have done.

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