These are the Hot Wheels released with holiday themes throughout the year, in date order.
The slogan: is Always in auto-matic holiday mode- whatever you’re celebrating!
2017 began a mainline segment called Holiday Racers featuring a variety of holidays.

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    What dates and what cars?

    Jan 1, New Year’s Day.

    Jan 6, 3 Kings Day
    Feb 2, Groundhog Day
    Feb 5, Chinese New Year
    Feb 13, Mardi Gras Carnival
    Feb 14, Valentine’s Day.
    Feb 29, Leap Year
    March 17, St. Patrick’s Day (Clover Cars)
    Easter – Egg-Clusives.
    Apr 22, Earth Day
    June 4, Flag Day
    3rd Sunday June Father’s Day
    4th of July, Independence Day
    Oct 31, Halloween (Fright Cars Series)
    Dec 25, Christmas Holiday Hot Rods and Holiday Rods
    Everyday is somebody’s Birthday

    In 2017, Mattel began a segment series in the mainline for a variety of cars with Holiday themes. It was repeated again in 2018.

    The Cars of 2017 were:
    Jan 1, New Year’s Day. Car Carbonator in Transparent Blue
    Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. Car Rodger Dodger in Red color

    Easter – Egg-Clusives. Car Rockster in White
    Oct 31, Halloween (Fright Cars Series) HW Poppa Wheelie in Orange color
    16 Angels Gold Starry red and black decals, ‘Happy Holidays’ on the sides with the Santa 2016 image
    The Cars of 2018 were:

    Skull Crusher Orange with Pumpkin,Purple / Yellow flames on top, HW logo
    Screamliner Metalflake Red,with Grining Santa, HW Logo, White Splashes on sides. White Fork Stripes on hood and top.
    ’57 Chevy White “Valentines 2018 decals on side, red striping running down length of car
    RRRoadster Fusia with Pink, White and Yellow stripes, On hood and sides. Pink HW Banner, “2018 Spring” on sides.
    RRRoadster White, with Rabbit head and HW Logo on sides, THsymbol on hood.
    Pink, yellow and Blue stripes on hood and sides.
    HW Formula Solar Transparent Blue Solar Panel graphics & ‘2018’ on top.

    However, if these models or the designs of these models don’t convince you, continue your search on these Highway 35 World Race, Heat Fleet and Fossil Fuel Series.

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