We find ourselves again before a classic series of Hot Wheels made by Mattel, and catalogued as classic by the fact that its creation date dates from 1988.
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    The cars of the series…

    Among the cars that make up this mainline, we highlight the Jaguar XJ220, among its different colors and finishes, making it clear that at the time was betting heavily on exclusive designs for Jaguar and sports. The Ferrari F40 is also in this series, along with the Avus Quattro and two different models of Dodge Viper RT/10. The series is about cars that have a close relationship with speed, because in fact, they are part of real life races.
    Now we will analyze in detail each of the cars that make up this series, first, we analyze the Jaguar XJ220. This is a model made by Jaguar but with the collaboration of Tom Walkinshaw, who was pilot of the team during 1992 and 1994. The car has a V6 gasoline engine of 3.6 liters with turbocharger and 542 hp maximum power. The car was presented at the Birmingham show in 1989, where, one hour after the presentation at the event, the 350 units planned were exhausted. This car is faster than the Ferrari F40 and the Lamborghini Diablo as it reaches 343 km/h.
    The next car to go through our analysis is the Ferrari F40. This vehicle created by the Ferrari team was born in 1987 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brand. It was a car created to be driven in open road but with finishes and conditions that resemble a real competition car. The production of this car stopped in 1992, passing in 1995 to the creation of Ferrari F50.
    Thirdly, the next car that goes through our analysis is the Avus Quattro. This car created by the Audi brand, as a sports car was first presented in 1991 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The engine was 6.0L with an engine of 60 valves and 12 cylinders that produced 509 hp.
    To finish, we analyzed the Dodge Viper R/T 10, which has a V10 engine, with a great power. This car was finally built in October 1995 in the city of Detroit in Michigan. The car has made countless appearances in television programs and movies.

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