This is a relatively new series. In 2018, Mattel’s HW Sports mainline was launched for its Hot Wheels collectible scale cars. This series, is characterized by having a large list of vehicles despite only having launched the products for 2018. Show More

    We found a total of 16 cars, including a Treasure Hunt (Rockster) and an exclusive Kroger (Fast Tour and MR 11).

    Cars of the serie…

    What really differentiates a Treasure Hunt from a normal Hot Wheels car is the game on which the search is based. These cars appear every 1000 or 5000 vehicles that Mattel manufactures, so it’s quite an adventure to get them. They are also characterized by having a better finish than other vehicles of the Mattel brand. This type of toy is manufactured since 1995 and only made between 15 or 20 units a year, so if you can explain this way the great value they have for car collectors.

    Due to the fact that this mainline only has a series of vehicles manufactured in 2018, we will carefully analyze each of the cars that make up the mainline.

    Firstly, the Fast Felion, a car catalogued as an exotic European, has been manufactured with Mattel since 2009 and its designer is none other than Fraser Campbell. Secondly, the Speedy Perez, a car made to look like a modified Formula 1, created in 2017 by designer Sergio Perez.

    In third place, the Blazer 4×4, a car with a history more than curious, because in its origin, was launched 1984 until 1996. Then it was produced again in 2004 but it was not until 2016 when officially returned the production of the hand of designer Larry Wood.

    Finally, the MR 11 is a car that nobody should miss. A vehicle designed by Ryu Asada with the collaboration of Dortmund Borussia player Marco Reus. It is for the player, since the car is an exclusive in Germany, that the vehicle bears this name, MR are the initials of the German player, while 11 is the number that this same wears on the shirt.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; HW Speed Graphics, HW Snow Stormers and HW Showroom

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