This is a series that was launched in 2013 by Mattel for their Hot Wheels miniature cars. The Hot Wheels Stunt series includes several new series such as: Stunt Circuit, Drift Race, Desert Force, Road Rally and finally, the Moto series.
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    The mainline HW Stunt does not have vehicles within its series itself, but within the subcategories that are encompassed under its name and series. Within these categories we find different cars that we will analyze next.

    The cars of the series…

    First, we will analyze the mainline of Stunt Circuit. This mainline was released by Mattel in 2010 but did not merge into the HW Stunt series until 2013, with the arrival of legendary cars like the Cloud Cutter and Fig Rig. The mainline continued to be manufactured by adding new designs and vehicles every year until 2016, where it was sold for the last time with a 5 pack which included the Med-Evil, Rogue Hog, Jack Hammer, Iridium and Symbolic.

    Next, we will analyze the Drift Race, a series that was born in 2013 and only launched two years, its launch and 2015, with a large number of cars among which we highlight the ’08 Ford Focus, Custom ’12 Ford Mustang and the Toyota AE-86 Corolla, because there were several designs for each car.

    Then the Desert Force Series, which also came out in 2013 and as the mainline Drift Race, also ended in 2015 but with a 5 pack that was formed with Da’Kar, Power Sander, the Baja Bone Shaker, Dune it Up and the Sandblaster.

    Then there was the Road Rally series. This series, had presence in 2013, which was the year in which it was born, n 2014 and 2015. Among the most outstanding cars within the mainline are: the Subaru Imprenza, Fast 4 WD the 2008 Lancer Evolution and the Mini Cooper.

    Finally, the last series to be included within the HW Stunt is the Moto. This series is still in production in 2019 and is characterized by being defined by mostly motorcycles, highlighting the Canyon Carver and the Ducati Diavel.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; HW Sports, Speed Graphics and HW Snow Stormers .

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