Imagine a bus that can compete in a speed race against other cars and even win? That’s why this great Volkswagen Racing Bus was designed in the Jiffy Lube category. This one comes with a beautiful and noticeable yellow color.

The bus has a huge metal chassis with a classic Volkswagen design, fully durable and beautiful, and in its interior, this bus hides a surprise, it has a powerful engine just made to get any other car out of its way. The race bus is ready to go to any race track and can even win the race, if you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself. This bus is pure adrenaline and speed and will not disappoint you.

The VW Racing Bus is the most popular and heavy Mattel manufactured to date and has reached first place on the people’s fauvorites.

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    More details on this bus…

    There are about forty other versions of this bus. Indeed they are all the same models but of different models and or colors.

    There are these cars with flames, numbers on the poitiaires for the one that race, writing, of a single color, with the roof of the car of a different color and even cars bearing the logo of a known brand (other than a car).

    There is enough to satisfy all your desires!

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