Sweet Rides is a category created by Mattel for its Hot Wheels products in 2002. This series was created from the union of four incredible vehicles that we will analyze in depth later and that now we will only mention: ’70 Chevelle SS, Mustang Cobra, Chevy Pro Stock Truck and finally the Pro Stock Firebird.

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    First, we’ll look at the ’70 Chevelle SS. This vehicle created by Chevrolet within General Motors, counted with three generations, since it was manufactured from 1964 to 1977. In 1968, the Chevelle was redesigned both in bodywork and interiors, with V8 350 pgls engines of 5-7litres and 175-270hp. Also but of optional form, the Chevelle SS also can count on the engines V8 402 of 6,6 l and 239-330 hp together with the one of 454 pgls of 7,4l and 270-364 hp. Second, the famous Mustang was born as a substitute for the thunderbird due to the loss of popularity and profitability of this at the hands of another classic, the Corvette. The first Mustang cobra saw the light of the hand of the former pilot and brand new designer Ford Carroll Shelby in 1966. Third, we stop to analyze the Chevy pro Stock Truck, a car that is known for its participation in car races known as drag races. This vehicle is quite important within Hot Wheels because the races in which it participates and of which Mattel reproduced the vehicle, are another category in which to classify Hot Wheels. Finally, we will analyze to conclude the drafting of this category the last car than the shape, and can not be another more emblematic model than the Pro Stock Firebird. This fantastic car has been used in incredible speed races, so it is more than necessary to incorporate it into the family of Hot Wheels created by the manufacturer Mattel.

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