We find ourselves before a series that began to make from 2011 to 2015, where the publication of this legendary series closed with the sale of a 5-pack containing several emblematic cars of the series such as: the Golden Arrow, the Night Burner, the 2009 Ford F-150, the Toyota RSC and finally the SpecTyle.

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    Series and subcategories…

    In the beginning of the series, in 2011, went on sale 7 subcategories (desert, highway, ice, volcano, cave, jungle and finally raceway) in these subcategories, are between 5 and 6 cars per category that came out during the same year, so it is a series that has had quite an impact, is also one of the series that has greater creativity when making designs because creating this large number of vehicles for so many categories under the command of the same is very difficult not to fall into simplicity or basic designs. In 2012, continued with the dynamics established in the previous year, as this time, we find a 9 subcategories (Race course, Swamp Rally, Space, City Stunt, volcano, Beach, Ice, Prehistoric and finally the Earthquake series) as in the previous year’s series, these also have a lot of creativity.
    From 2013, Mattel stopped making subcategories for the mainline Thrill Racers Series, so we found cars of all types, from the aesthetics of a bus, to several cars with the aesthetics of Formula 1 cars. With this dynamic, continued until 2015 making publications without subcategories, until finally closed the mainline with the publication of the 5-pack mentioned above. Among the cars that, personally, can fall most in love with Mattel’s public and Hot Wheels fans are: Loop Coupe, Acura NSX, Torque Twister, DieselBoy, Skate Punk, Fly-By along with the mythical Lamborghini Veneno and BMW K 1300 R.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Sweet Rides , Super Chromes and Speed Blur.
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