In this mainline, we want to pay tribute to the mythical “Thunderbird” of the air force of the United States of America. The Thunderbirds are an aerial demonstration squadron of the USAF, so they are an acrobatic flight group of the United States air forces. The squadron was formed in 1953, and came to make its first air show on July 7 of that year.

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    The tribute to the planes…

    The squadron, initially, started with 3 planes, but with time they were joined by a fourth member. At present, the Thunderbirds squadron has 6 planes and one of them acts as a reserve or to carry out flights for important personalities of the country and even of the whole world that require it.
    Mattel, being an American company, since it was created in California, looked for the best way to pay tribute to these incredible planes of the air forces, and did not find a better possible way than incorporating them to their series of Hot Wheels. Obviously, hot wheels are characterized by being cars or like many motorcycles, so making scale airplanes that were compatible with the runways or to the liking of collectors was a problem. Anyway, they came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to transform these incredible aerial machines into a car so as not to break with what was being done for years in the brand.
    The brand and the car that was selected to represent the thunderbirds is also the mythical Vollkswagen van, which has been remodeled to have a finish on the back simulating the end of an airplane and counting on the 4 original aircraft that formed the thunderbirds on the side of the mythical van, leaving this way an incredible finish and with a great level of creativity and detail.
    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Thrill Racer Series , Sweet Rides and Super Chromes.
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