This mini collection pays tribute to when the first Hot Wheels were launched 50 years ago. As we all know, the original cars that serve as inspiration were designed to compete, and this mainline 50th Race Team collection will get your pulse racing to the maximum with an incredible design.

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    The series consists of the following models: 70 Ford Escort RS1600, ’70 Pontiac Firebird, ’70 Road Runner, 2009 Ford F-150, Bone Shaker, Corvette Grand Spor Roadster, Dune Daddy, Fast Master, HW50 Concept, Rise ‘N Climb.

    New Models?

    As you may have noticed, there are 4 totally new models and if you look closely, you can also find a Treasure Hunt specifically made for this 50th anniversary. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s one more surprise. This collection includes the Ultimate Collector Chase Car! This may be accelerate the pulse of some enthusiastic collectors as there will only be one Ultimate Collector Chase Car this year.

    Each of these launches comes to the finish line in special packaging which also includes special wheels and the new decoration of the 50th Race Team.

    Get ready because in Friki Monkey there are already some of these models available and soon they will all be available here. Stay tuned and don’t forget to come back soon at least once per week.

    If in spite of everything, you haven’t found the model you like, you can visit these series too; Hot Wheels Factory Fresh, Hot Wheels Faster Than Ever and Hot Wheels Experimotors.

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