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No, this is not an advertisement for BMW, but we are going to offer you a great range of the best rear-wheel drive in the world. This German company, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and stands for “Bavarian Engine Factories”, is a manufacturer of high-end cars. Show More

    If you love rallye, drift or any kind of motor racing, this is the brand to drive. All BMWs dance on the asphalt and are accompanied by a powerful engine that when roared makes all the gums of the driver move.
    Well, 2016 marked the centenary of this great German house, and given the success of the BMW collection, that same year they launched the BMW Mainline. In this series you can find mythical cars, from BMW 2002 to BMW M4. But we must not forget two other models that are unique, the BMW Z4 M Motorsport and the BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car of ’73. And did you think that was it? No, in this series you will also find the BMW K 1300 R motorcycle.
    Our own ranking
    In Friki Monkey we like to rank everything, this is our ranking of the best models of the BMW mainline series.
    First of all, there is the BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car of ’73, for us the number 1, because of the age of this model, and everything it achieved in its time. In second place, would be the BMW of 2002, basically for being a car that you do not find easily in a normal day, because the units sold were not scandalously numerous.
    And, finally, approaching the most everyday we find the BMW M4, the most powerful M of all, a beast that leaves no one indifferent.
    Well, in addition to all these, you can find many more models on this website, I encourage you to complete your collection with the missing models in your garage!
    And finally, you can also visit the following pages to get the model you are looking for. Friki Collector, we recommend the following Happy Birthday, 60 Years Corvette and Modern classic Collection

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