This is one of the funniest series of Hot Wheels sagas and collections ever produced, the Fun Park. If you really think you’re ready to have fun like never before on a Hot Wheels track, this is your collection. Inside the Fun Park we find different models of cars with designs and animations that will not leave anyone indifferent.Show More

      Between the models of car that form the collection we must emphasize the Bazoomka, that we can find them with different finished of colors. The Chill Mill and the Bump Around, can also be obtained with different colors and finishes to try to make this magnificent collection bigger and not leave anyone indifferent.

      Among the cars to emphasize…

      Followed by these models, we also highlight the Loopster, a car designed as a roller coaster cart with four seats and six wheels, where speed and emotion go hand in hand for unparalleled fun. The Bump Around, have a design that resembles them very much to the mythical car, as we can see how in the back of the car is the mast that connects the cars with the electric shock current to allow them to work properly. The BoomCar, for its part, also has a design more than characteristic because the rear of the car forms a huge piece of cannon that occupies a large space of the body.
      To conclude, mention that this collection is an authentic relic for Hot Wheels collectors, the vehicles that make up the collection are unusual and is also a new collection, fun and away from the normal production of Hot Wheels.

      If you’re interested in getting this fantastic collection, whether it’s an entire collection of all the vehicles or just the ones you like the most because of their incredible exclusivity, you’re also likely to love the cars in the following collections:

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