The Game Over category mainly contains racing cars, of all colours and shapes.
These cars were released in 1999 and 2019. 10 years apart and yet, we realize that game over has not lost its spirit of super racing cars.
In 1999, cars with unusual shapes arrived, in purple, yellow, red and green, nothing more classic however they remained incredible racing cars.
And in 2019, the last outing brings us more sophisticated and “modern” cars. These are racing cars similar to Formula 1 and rally cars that allow you to drive on unusual roads such as the desert or the forest.
The colours are darker with dark blue, light gold and a little dark burgundy to give a little more colour.
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    The Hot Wheels Rip Rod 2019

    This car is one of the new ones of 2019, which has a pretty white, red and black color and has an incredible carnival. You’ve never seen this before.
    The Hot Wheels Rip Rod (also known as simply Rip Rod) is a stroller designed by Fraser Campbell for Hot Wheels, who later collaborated with Ford to create the full-size version. It is equipped with a three-cylinder engine that makes more than 100 hp. Reaching top speeds of over 125 mph, this ripper has a good kick. With tusk-shaped exhaust tips and a grill mask, it’s a creature you don’t want to mess with.
    As soon as you see it, don’t hesitate, you need it!
    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these two more series, the HW Code , the HW City works and the HW Hummer

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