This series of Hot Hheels dedicated to motorcycles, was more than necessary for years, because apart from liking cars, we know that inside a good bike makes us feel the same emotion as a good car of many horses.

Motorcycles have something that cars don’t have and that is the emotion of going closer to the asphalt, an adventure on the road that makes the hair stand on end and fills the most extreme people with adrenaline.

HW Moto is a mainline segment series begun 2016 and it was repeated in 2017, 2018 and 2019, was formerly known as HW Stunt Moto in 2013 to 2015

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    The different models :

    One of the best known, the Ducati 1199 Panigale : This motorcycle is high performance, was one of the first motorcycles to have electronically adjustable suspension. Ducati claimed that the Panigale 1199 was the most powerful two-cylinder production motorcycle in the world, with 195 hp (145 kW) at 10,750 rpm and 133.0 N⋅m (98.1 lb⋅ft) torque at 9,000 rpm on an engine test bench.

    And another one, the Blastous Moto :

    The Blastous Moto is a model that Hot Wheels has been manufacturing every year since 2012 by designer Fraser Campbell. e modèle a une peinture verte caractéristique, en plus d’avoir quelques flammes jaunes dans la partie du réservoir de la moto. Ce vélo est un modèle différent des motos normales parce qu’il a 3 roues.

    The other models are to be discovered on the website!

    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these three more series, the HW Game over , the HW Code and the HW City Works

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