The Hot Wheels race Day series, one of the most recent, appeared for the first time this year (2019). So the number of vehicles that can be found in this series is very limited.
The types of cars that can be found in this new category of hot wheels have in common that they are cars of great power, cars that have been designed for races of high speed and resistance. Below are all the vehicles of grandiose and new series.

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    1. ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3
    2. 16 Cadillac ATS-V R
    3. Porsche 917 LH
    4. ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon Gasser perhaps the most controversial as it is the most distant to all that we can see are series.
    5. Dodge Charger Stock Car
    6. ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 a small but bully car, only suitable for lovers of old school and the use of heel toe
    7. Indy 500 Oval perhaps the fastest of all, a car prepared in pure aerodynamics, we would put it to compete directly with the Roborace Robocar of this series, man against machine.
    8. ’69 Corvette Racer Here the jewel of the crown of this category, because although it is a car that we have seen in other categories, this in turn can be found in two versions both the normal, as in Super Treasure Hunt belonging to the box “J”. It is Spectraflame red with white and black graphics.
    Goodyear logos, “4”, “Gum Ball 3000”, and the Hot Wheels logo detail the Corvette. “TH” can be found on the rear side panels.
    9. Roborace Robocar may look like a fantasy car but it’s not. It was created in 2018 in Banbury, England It’s the world’s first autonomous race car! This pioneering electric-powered speedster is setting records at tracks all over the world.
    10. SRT Viper GTS-R

    We kept the ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3, a car that never fails, pure power, a great roaring engine and that raises the adrenaline in anyone who gets on the wheel.

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