This incredible collection will make you enjoy it! It’s one of the most curious collections of the Hot Wheels brand because with it you can get into your toys in the vehicles and feel like you’re a film specialist or as if you work in a cinema.
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    A cube that I’m sure you know…

    The most popular car in this collection is undoubtedly the Minecart. A Minecart is a transport vehicle that appears in the Minecraft video game. The minecart can be mounted on the famous video game and used as a means of transport.
    The Minecart is a New Model from 2016 and is part of the HW Ride-Ons series. LEGO Mini Figures (or Mini Figures from other manufacturers) can be placed on the minecart so that they can make a trip on the track. To promote the Minecraft video game and the collaboration of Hot Wheels and Mojang (the designer of Minecraft), an exclusive series of 6 Target minecars was launched in 2016. The only difference between these models were the exclusive cards that contained six different characters from the game.

    Another significant model from the collection

    Other models that are very popular within the Hot Wheels line are the Boom Cars. The Boom Car is an original Hot Wheels model designed by designer Tyler Charest. Tyler explains on the All Access blog of the Hot Wheels channel on YouTube that he wanted to make a downhill racing car that would put the “fun in operation”. This resulted in the Boom Car. According to Tyler, it doesn’t look like a “traditional Hot Wheels car,” which is aggressive, a speedy, elegant, low machine of fast proportions. It is exactly the opposite of that idea: a model without an engine, a real downhill runner. The miniatures can be inserted into the open barrel and pulled out with your fingers.
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