This series is characterized by having been launched by Mattel within its signature Hot Wheels in 2016. The series also has another new delivery in 2017 and through a 5 pack in the same year. We find some vehicles that stand out mainly for their winter finish.

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    Both the wheels of some vehicles and the colors indicate that this series is tremendously linked to the winter and the scene of snow, so that, in terms of the appearance of the wheels and their finish, give us the feeling of being perfectly equipped for that climate and its disastrous conditions when it comes to driving.

    The cars of the series…

    In the 2016 series, the cars that stand out most within the mainline are: First of all, the So Plowed, a very well equipped snowplough with an ultra modern and competitive design. Secondly, we find the ’12 Ford Fiesta, with the finishes of the 5000 club Arctic racer, which is a race that takes place in the snow and in more than extreme conditions. Finally, among the publications of 2016 we highlight the Hover Storm, which is undoubtedly one of the cars with the best finish in terms of aesthetics and conditioning for the middle of winter.

    For the series launched in 2017, we must highlight the clearest differences we can see between the two. First, the addition of the snowmobile Snow Ride, a luxury to have a vehicle like this to increase your collection of HW. Secondly, the incorporations of the Terrain Storm and the Morris Mini, where both cars enjoy different finishes and especially with some very characteristic of winter weather as was done in the series of 2016.

    To finish off, this series ends with the publication of its 5th pack in 2017 which includes the following cars: The Snow Stormer, Team Hot wheels Corkscrew Buggy, Escort Rally, Sandblaster and Jeep Scrambler.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; HW Showroom , HW Screen Time and HW Rescue

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