This time, we present the Hot Wheels mainline series, Tuners, created by Mattel for the miniature cars they make.
This series was presented in 2002 and was also produced for 2003. In these two years, the series came to house more than five cars in each of its deliveries.

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    In its first delivery, that of the year 2002, the series presented the following cars.

    Cars of the series…

    First of all, there are two versions with a very peculiar design of the Ford Focus, as well as the two versions of the Honda Civic Si. To finish this year’s series, especially highlights the MS-T Suzuka, which has a finish that allows it to be along with the Toyota Celica, one of the most eye-catching cars that we can find in the series.
    For the 2003 series, we find only 5 cars compared to the 6 that were published in the first year of this series. On this occasion, there is no duplicate model or any new finish, but this year’s series, the last to be published, is composed of unique cars. First, we presented the Super Tsunami, a vehicle with a very sporty finish that will not leave anyone indifferent. The MS-T Suzuka that repeats again under this mainline as it did in the previous series. Afterwards, the series continues with the Super Tuned and Tantrum, two fantasy vehicles created by Hot Wheels’ own brand. To conclude this series of 2003, the last car that the form is the Ford Focus, this car if that repeats appearance since we saw it forming part of the first delivery of the series.

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