The cars in this category were released in 2017 and 2018. It is a series of many of the new models. There are racing cars, Formula 1 car, old models from previous years, vans and even ladybugs. But most of the cars are racing cars with a high speed.
Of course the biggest are still present such as Proshe, Volswagen, Mercedes, Cadillac and Ford. The Legends of Speed series is the one that highlights the many racing cars that exist among hot wheels.

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    In 2017 Mattel has published 10 cars for the series “The Legends Of Speed”, among these cars there are some fantasy castings, such as the Speedy Perez which is a tribute to Sergio Pérez Mendoza also known as “Checo” Pérez. It is an elegant racing car, designed to resemble a modified F1 racing car. Another casting of the Legends Of Speed series is the RRRoadster. This Hot Wheels was designed by Fraser Campbell, who also designed the Fast Felion and many other castings. But this series does not consist only of fantasy models. We can also find real cars such as the Japanese “The Fairlady 2000” that exists in real life. It was a car casting that was manufactured by Nissan from the late 1950s on.

    In 2018 the 10 cars of this series no longer included fantasy cars, all of them are known brands and models. The most prominent are the Volkswagen Käfer Racer, the 2016 Ford GT Race, the ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3, the ’16 Cadillac ATS-V R or the Porsche 917 LH.

    The Winning Formula

    These cars are probably the one that represents the most racing cars, they are Formula 1 cars made for big car races. These cars are probably the one that represents the most racing cars, they are Formula 1 cars made for big car races. They were produced in 2015 by designer Julian Payne. There are about ten different ones in the series.
    Nothing varies greatly between the different models only the colors and some details. We have all the unimaginable colours, blue, green, orange, white, grey, red, black all the colours are present to satisfy all your tastes.
    In conclusion. This series is a real surprise for collectors and lovers of fantasy and real cars. Discover them here at Friki Monkey!

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