This series was released in 2000, it contains 4 very different cars.

Indeed, the 4 cars that make up this series are very different, we find there: 2 racing cars, a car that looks a little more urban and one with a kind of tamplin on the roof, it is a little difficult to define but it makes this series a little more impressive.

their names: Hot Wheels 500, Camaro Z-28, Slideout et Twin Mill II.

There are also 4 pretty colours such as metallic blue, fancy orange, grey with multicoloured details and the last one with three colours of red, black and white.

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    The one of the Camaro brand…

    It was released in 2002, under the name Camaro Z2.

    The car was conceived to offer a virtually race-ready experience with a styling and exceptional combination of brake, engine, exhaust and a several induction options, making it the most desirable Z28 of all. It has a solid V8 engine that provides up to 295 horsepower at 4800 rpm.

    All that power is matched with a beatifull design that showed what Chevy team could do to express excitement and good performance with one of the best-looking rides of the classic muscle car era.

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