This category was released in 1996.

It contains 4 cars, the Hummer, the School Bus, the VW Bug and the 67′ Camaro.

The Hummer is a peace and love pink model, the school bu is well named it is burgundy and yellow, the VW Bug is inspired by the famous ladybugs and the last one the Camaro 67 is quite common compared to the others it is a simple green 96’s car with orange details.

Here are some more specific details on one of them!

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    The VW Bug

    This is the third in a series of 96 designers by Larry Wood.

    This car is a classic Volkswagen gem, painted in blue and with a distinguished yellow collage that makes it unique. The Volkswagen Bug was a car made for the people that with just a few modifications could be driven under any circumstances and on any road. The car has been perfectioned over the years becoming what it is today, a legendary vehicle for everyone.

    Used specially for the desert routes, the Volkswagen Bug can be your best ally if you are into the most extreme driving. It has a 4 wheels of-road pack and a resistant chassis with a large dampers that are ready to absorb any jump you are willing to take. Its engine is powerful and has the perfect balance between speed and acceleration for a smoth and nice desert rides.

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