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    According to our contrasted data “Model Series” was used for the first and last time in 1995, all cars entering this mainline were also “First Editions”.

    In this year the cars that went on sale were a total of 12. These cars can be differentiated in many ways, but the best of them is by real or imaginary cars.

    First of all, we will name the imaginary ones. Speed Blaster #343, this blue car came out with a special version with changed tires. The Speed-A-Saurus #345 is a car designed by Larry Wood that was sold from 1995 to 2000 in different colors, the original was in green. This car is inspired by a dinosaur. Next we will talk about the “Power Pistons” #347 in red, this car designed by Terry Choy has been released until now in different versions. “Hydroplane” is a vehicle that really exists but we do not know in which brand of this type of vehicles Larry Wood was inspired when it was released in version 1/64 from 1995 to 2005 with more than 9 different models. The “Power Pipes” is a most curious car, was designed by Bruce Baur and there have been variations of models to date. The Power Rocket is one of Larry Wood’s fantasy creations. This super fast rocket has an opening cover; in 2015, the casting was changed and the cover can no longer be opened, while in 2017, the tool was changed again, and the two jet engines are now made of plastic and are no longer part of the base. The car looks like the original 1971 Jet Threat. Finally the “Big Chill”, it is not known exactly which was its designer but in 2005 they stopped manufacturing it.

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    It’s time for real cars. Among these we can find cars of well-known brands such as: Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, Dodge, Chevrolet or Ferrari. Among the models we can find the “Mercedes-Benz SL” in black which began to manufacture within the company Mattel in 1991, we also have the “58 Corvette Coupe” in orange, designed by Larry Wood until 2013. Also quite remarkable are the “Dodge Ram 1500” the “Camaro Convertible in green and the jewel of the crown the Ferrari 350 in yellow.

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