Every year since 2011, this series has released 12 new models and is not ready to stop.
Mystery Models were released in early November 2011 across Wal-Mart stores in the United States. These vehicles came in foil packs, similar to trading cards, as opposed to Mystery Cars which came on blister cards with blackened out bubbles. Most of the 24 vehicles are re-colors of previous released 2011 Hot Wheels.
In this series we can find brightly coloured voters in pink, which is often present every year, and yellow. In all colors are not the designer’s favorites
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    The pharodoxe, one of the most impressive models

    Pharodox is a car designed to look Ancient Egyptian. It has a very smooth hood, and a triangular grille. It has a headlight on either side of the grille. Pharodox has a cockpit shaped like an Ancient Egyptian beard. On the base of the Pharodox, there is a movable piece that will spin over to reveal a hieroglyphic of the Hot Wheels logo; in 2015, the tooling was changed and the rotating part was removed. The tooling was changed again in 2017, with the glass canopy being shifted forward so it no longer covers the seats.
    This car gives you a taste of the wonders you can find in this category
    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these three more series, the HW Muscle Mania, the HW Legends os speed mainline and the HW Workshop

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