As we all know Mattel has a different series of Hot Wheels cars. Now is the time to get to know the Hedz Pin series that comes in a scale of 1/64.

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The Pin Hedz series was launched in 2005. Mattel was pulling cars out of this series only for the year 2005 since then no more cars came out for this series. The cars are classic cars, the most relevant models are the diecast of the 40s and 50s of the brand Chevy, Ford, Cadillac etc …. On the other hand, this series also includes an imaginary car called ’40 Woodie This casting was launched for the first time in the alignment in 1980 as a “Hi-Raker”. It was a special series that allowed the rear axle to change its height when pulled down, changing the seat angle of the vehicle, giving it a “raked” hot rod look. Only the first version of the Woodie of the 1940s had smooth side panels. All other later published versions have a wood grain texture on the side panels. For the personals who collect Hot Wheels imaginary cars this model is ideal for them.

For Friki Monkey Our favourite in this series is: ’56 Ford Truck known as ’56 Ford F-100. The Ford F Series was redesigned by Ford for 1953 with a more integrated look. Optional interior amenities were new, including a dome light, a lighter, armrests, visors and a radio.

Apart from that we also like Chevy Impala of the year 1964, appears the metal brown car, this car is the third generation of Impala. In 1964 the Impala changed in several ways. It remained Cadillac style and got thicker bumpers that made the car look lower and heavier. The 1964 grille was much flatter than the 1963 grille. This model of car has been best-selling in the United States.

If you’re a fan of the Pin Hedz Friki Monkey series it’s a perfect place to find it.

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