The Hot Wheels Red Line series is a really cool collection to have based on its wheels. This collection- as its name gives away already- is characterised by its designs that include red lines on the vehicles tires. Surprising huh? (…)

Anyway, all the 25 different varieties that are included in this collection have red lines incorporated on the wheels circulating the rims. We believe that collections aren’t just about brands and models, the visual value is also a great factor to bare in mind when expanding a collection.
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    So this series started in 2002 and continued until 2006, due to its short amount of time, it only has 14 models, but we can assure you, they are definitely great vehicles that Mattel’s team have produced.

    Models worth mentioning

    The first model to be released, The Demon. This Hot Wheels has an amazing blend of colours, the silver base coat just fits like a glove with the red line around the rims and the red details on the front and roof of the car. The black in the paintwork also looks great as it matches the tires, and then not to talk about the white lettering in white on the roof: “Redlines”. Overall, a really fantastic look, definitely one of our favourites.

    The Surfin School Bus was launched in 2005, at a first glance it just seems to be a normal red bus, but it has some superb details. First of all, it obviously has the red line on the vehicles tires. If you look at the windows, they aren’t straight, they have a diagonal angle which is excellent if you ask us. Who wouldn’t want to ride a bus like that?

    And last but not least, the mythical ’32 Ford Delivery. This magnificent vehicle is actually at high demand in real life. It was known as a cheap car years ago, so it was used to recycle pieces, therefore, their aren’t many ’32 Fords in their original state. Which as you know, makes it more rare and valued. This Hot Wheels version was released in 2005 and gold with black details and the distinctive re line around the wheels.

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