The Hot Wheels Rod Squad is an extremely recent series, it started this year, in 2019. Due to its little time on the market, there aren’t many models, there is just a total of 10, and these have no varieties.

But although it’s lacking in time, its definitely not lacking in quality. These ten amazing models are: Tur-Bone Charged, Deora III, Street Creeper, ’32 Ford, Classic ’55 Nomad, Custom ’53 Cadillac, Surf ‘N Turf, Custom ’56 Ford Truck, ’69 Dodge Charger 500 and Z-Rod.

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    Rod Squad models

    The first model is the Tur-Bone Charger, this amazing vehicle is powered by a giant turbine. Its a model based on the Bone Shaker. This sure is one hell of a car! Visually, it is also amazing, the base coat is a glossy black and it is blended in with silver and red details. First of all, the silver shiny motor is on show on, there is also silver on the incredible front of the car, which is designed in the shape of a skeletons head with its hands over the front wheels of the car. The red is on the rims of the car, the “2” on the sides and the translucent  capsule in the middle of the vehicle. This one is 100% one of our favourites.

    Another model worth mentioning is the Custom ’53 Cadillac, this great car is known for having a downhill racer on the bed. This version of Mattel’s is an electric blue with paler blue stripes on the sides and hood of the car.

    The Surf ‘N Turf is also a really interesting model, it as a blown engine and side pipes. It even has a surfboard on the sunroof of the car (I know right!) and a spare tire at the back too. The best part about this model is the realism of the car, the rusty look on the paintwork, the vintage looking stickers on the sides of the car, all of these add to the fact that its a surf lovers car and it’s always by the sea. Cool right?

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