This amazing series is incredibly different, it’s designs are all inspired by bowling- therefor the “spares ‘n strikes” name. They could have just gone with “bowling series”, but is there anything better than getting spares and strikes when bowling?

So this series started in 2002, and unfortunately it didn’t grow much, as it only has four models with no variations at all. But, these models are really nice looking and definitely worth knowing about. The four models are: Surfin’ School Bus, So Fine, Rodger Dodger and Sooo Fast.

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    Spares ‘N Strikes models

    The first model, Surfin’ School Bus, is a well known Hot Wheels model for its modern look and sloped-forward windows. This series’ design is a metallic silver colour with an amazing gold motor and rims. The paintwork design is in red, yellow, white and black. It’s quite a packed design, there are flames, bowling balls, stripes, Hot Wheels logos, and a giant artwork on the roof of the vehicle too.

    So Fine is also a great car designed by Garry Saffer, its distinguished hood is what characterises this stunning model. Its flash, its classic, its elegant and its unique, what more can you want for a car? This design is an extremely glossy turquoise with black patches on its sides and roof. Inside these black patches there are some faint flames and diamonds. There are also diamonds on other areas outside of the patches. There is also some typography on the side that says “Three Lane King”.

    The Rodger Dodger… could you even see where you were going with that huge motor coming out of the hood? Who knows. This car is a metallic deep green with black patches that have bowling balls and bowling pin doodles on the sides. This car is for showing off, without a doubt.

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